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About Us

The BullyBox: A Passion Project

The purpose of the organization is to positively impact the youth by providing a hands-on evidenced based approach to bullying and suicide prevention, esteem building and empowerment. This is manifested through partnerships with schools and organizations and businesses such as Grand Elevation, LLC in creating a new and up to date curriculum for

bullying and suicide prevention all while being a shoulder to lean on, an ear to hear and an entity to that understands.


About the Founder

Founder and CEO, Shauna Sias, is a Licensed Practical Nurse with over 25 years of experience in the medical field, including Geriatrics, Corrections, and Juvenile Justice. Because of the bullying and torment she received as a child, she intertwined the aspects of nursing, as it relates to empathetic and compassionate care, with her personal life experiences in efforts to assist youth in making healthier choices and taking paths that lead to longer, mentally rich lives.

Shauna’s life quote is “I attribute my success to this: I never gave nor took any excuse,” by Florence Nightingale. Her personal goal is to one day eradicate bullying, but until then she aspires to ensure that every student and child knows how to handle bullying bravely, boldly, and bodaciously, the #Bullybox Way!


Our Community Partners

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Law Office of

Marcus Allen

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