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#Bullybox needs your help!

#Bullybox is a nonprofit organization that focuses on #bullying and #suicideprevention amongst children. Often times, these issues are so multi-layered and requires several different avenues of assistance. Through continued support from the community, #Bullybox is able to not only help families throughout Louisiana, Texas and abroad but also keep all lines of communication operable and open so that needs can be met as they are presented.

We are asking for each person to donate at least $5.00. These donations are 100% tax deductible and will be used to continue the operation of this website which allows children and family to report bullying incidences and receive guidance through the process, continued presentations to schools from #Bullybox staff which serves to decrease incidences of bullying both in and out of the school setting, incentives that are given to students weekly as positive reinforcement for good or improved grades or behavior, , and, when available, assistance to families with personal and household items that are a necessity but often overlooked for more important situations (personal hygiene, feminine products, household cleaning items etc.)

To make a donation:

PayPal: @thebullyboxpassion

Venmo: @bullybox

Cash App: $Bullybox Passion Project

Zelle: 3373088564

Only the service you give to others will last.

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